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where are we?

We're a small box gym in a garage in North Ringwood, Melbourne. We're not open to the general public. All our clients are introduced by existing clients and are hand-picked.  If you want to know more, contact us by email.


Olympic bumper plates and lifting platform

To train for power, you need things you can move fast and drop safely

We have a lifting platform and Olympic lifting bumper plates.  These allow us to use the Olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) and their components such as clean pulls, hang clean pulls and power cleans and so on to train you for peak power production.  Our plates are designed to be dropped from overhead so you can throw them up in the air and not have to worry about catching them or lowering them to the ground.  If you've never been in a gym when this sort of training is happening it will be a bit of a surprise at first. It's noisy!  Dropped weights make quite a bang.  We also have some very light wooden training plates so we can teach the movement and form for correct lifts without loading on the kilograms.  These aren't designed to be dropped but they're light enough that that's never much of an issue.

We've invested in top quality Australian Barbell Company Olympic barbells, made right here in Australia.  Not cheap ripoffs, these are the real deal.  20kg and 15kg barbells for adults and juniors.  Our bumper plates are also from ABC and Iron Edge, they're olympic standard calibrated (which means, for example, that 10kg is actually 10kg) plates ensuring you lift what you think you're lifting on our platform. We also increased our stock of bumper plates with some really nice Iron Edge 25kg bumpers and a really nice Pendlay Olympic barbell.  The knurling on this barbell is beautiful.

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Lon Kilgore's 'Misconceptions About Training Youth' article.

This is a must-read if you're contemplating training youths in the gym, or have been told not to.  In short, strength training is excellent for kids despite the myths.