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where are we?

We're a small box gym in a garage in North Ringwood, Melbourne. We're not open to the general public. All our clients are introduced by existing clients and are hand-picked.  If you want to know more, contact us by email.



Yes, we provide chalk

Magnesium Carbonate, or 'gym chalk'.  We've got it, we use it.  At the 'Haus we don't use gloves*, we'll leave the explanation to Mark Rippetoe :

Under no other circumstances do I want to see a glove on anybody, not even a maxillofacial surgeon or a church organist. Not even a lawyer. Gloves add a layer of unstable material between the bar and the hand, destabilize the grip, prevent necessary callus formation,and actually make gripping harder due to the effective increase in diameter of the bar being held. Fat bars are used for this reason to work the grip, but gloves are not. Gloves are annoying. Inexperienced,non-serious people think they are supposed to wear them because they see them in the fitness magazines. Cindy Crawford wears them. Richard Simmons wears them.I’m sorry, I just can’t talk about this anymore.

... We chalk up and lift heavy things.  That's why we have a broom too, to clean up the mess on the floor when you're done.

* - unless you're injured, or they're boxing gloves, but that's a different thing altogether!

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Lon Kilgore's 'Misconceptions About Training Youth' article.

This is a must-read if you're contemplating training youths in the gym, or have been told not to.  In short, strength training is excellent for kids despite the myths.