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where are we?

We're a small box gym in a garage in North Ringwood, Melbourne. We're not open to the general public. All our clients are introduced by existing clients and are hand-picked.  If you want to know more, contact us by email.



I must admit to being rather skeptical when it was suggested I undergo a Strength and Conditioning program in the Powerhaus.

A lifetime of back problems and endless trips to physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs had made me wary of doing anything that may remotely strain my back. And I was a cyclist. Why would I want to waste my time in a gym rather than training on my bike? Weights were surely a waste of time and a potentially dangerous one at that.

Six months later and I am one of the Powerhaus' biggest fans. A specific, targeted program under expert supervision has my back in the best condition for 20 years. My osteopath reports he has never seen me in better shape.

And as for the cycling I am now going faster than ever, able to push the bigger gears needed to make me competitive in track sprints. I am also able to ride my bike free of the pain and discomfort I had accepted for years.

For the record my 13 year old daughter also trains in the Powerhaus and her results speak for themselves. She's probably the strongest 13 year old out there and is a two time State Champion and a member of the 2009 Victorian Track Cycling Team.

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Lon Kilgore's 'Misconceptions About Training Youth' article.

This is a must-read if you're contemplating training youths in the gym, or have been told not to.  In short, strength training is excellent for kids despite the myths.