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where are we?

We're a small box gym in a garage in North Ringwood, Melbourne. We're not open to the general public. All our clients are introduced by existing clients and are hand-picked.  If you want to know more, contact us by email.



The books and links we recommend and read

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Link Crossfit
Crossfit is a superb general strength and fitness program. Sometimes it seems a bit cult-ish, but many things they do and advocate are simple, effective and brutally hard. Check them out if you haven't already.
Link Aasgaard publishing
The source of some of the best books on strength training and strength training programming around.
Link 70's Big
70's Big is a site devoted to strength for the sake of strength, not aesthetics. Worth a look
Link Wit and Wisdom of Mark Rippetoe
Rip tells it like he sees it, here's some great quotes. Some are damn funny, some are so right it's painful. Enjoy ....
Link Supertraining Yahoo Group
Many elite level sports coaches participate in this group.
Link The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
Affiliated with the Australian Sports Commission, the AS&C Assoc provides coaching certification for strength and conditioning professionals.
Link Misconceptions About Training Youth
Lon Kilgore's excellent essay on the myths and the truth about strength training for kids. Dispels myths. We wish we'd read this when we were kids!
Link Starting Strength Forums
A great place to discuss strength training, moderated by Rip himself. Bring a thick skin, Rip tells it like he sees it.
Page Starr protocol
For torn muscle rehab
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Lon Kilgore's 'Misconceptions About Training Youth' article.

This is a must-read if you're contemplating training youths in the gym, or have been told not to.  In short, strength training is excellent for kids despite the myths.