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where are we?

We're a small box gym in a garage in North Ringwood, Melbourne. We're not open to the general public. All our clients are introduced by existing clients and are hand-picked.  If you want to know more, contact us by email.


Starting Strength : Basic Barbell Training 3rd edition

Rip's classic on strength training

SS:BBT 2nd EdIf you buy this direct from Aasgaard publishing, it's $29.95 including freight of $12.95 to Australia, it's $42.90 USD, add in currency conversions and it'll cost you around $46 and you'll have to wait a week or more for it. If you buy it from Amazon, it'll set you back around the same and you'll have to wait three weeks for it.

If you buy it from us, it'll cost you $40 if you pick it up from the 'Haus and $50 if you want it mailed to you and you'll have it in an Australia Post express bag, so in most cities, you'll have it in less than two working days.

We bought 14 copies from Aasgaard and got them shipped over in bulk, so we can do a better price than Aasgaard or Amazon can to Australian strength trainees.

Send us an email if you want a copy, but hurry, we only have 6 copies left....

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Lon Kilgore's 'Misconceptions About Training Youth' article.

This is a must-read if you're contemplating training youths in the gym, or have been told not to.  In short, strength training is excellent for kids despite the myths.