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Why novices do sets of 5

Our novice/basic strength program uses sets of 5, why?

Here's a very brief reason for why we do sets of 5 reps for most strength programming :

10s have more of an effect on size than 5s, but less of an effect on strength. To increase size, progressively heavier sets of 10 will need to be performed. However, sets of 10 don't necessarily provide enough of a strength adaptation to allow heavier sets of 10 to be performed in the next workout. Therefore linear progression with sets of 10 is not reliable.

Since a novice can linearly progress with sets of 5, and sets of 5 provide a good balance of strength and size, a linear progression with 5s will lead to the fastest size gains for a novice, as opposed to some kind of slower progression using 10s.

Since a more advanced trainee can't progress every workout anyway, it can make sense to incorporate some 10s to provide a hypertrophy stimulus while lower rep work continues to provide a strength stimulus.

That's from here and is the best brief explanation I've yet seen as to why sets of 5 are best for starting strength trainees.
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